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The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel

A new type of entertainment is gaining traction. And that is the live action attractions. A blend between a ride and a story. It’s like a movie, but better. The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel will both entertain you and immerse you into the Star Wars trilogy story like no other.

Is the Galactic Starcruiser A Hotel?

The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is a hotel and is unlike anything else built before. The hotel is a mix between a ride, a hotel, and a great mystery story. Some speculate if the plot of the story will change throughout the years as a nice refresh or updates for those who already had there stay above the Starcruiser. This hotel will eventually have it’s grand opening on March 1st, 2022. So come aboard and lets see what else this amazing new themed hotel has to offer.

Starcruiser Cabin Inside

What is the Galactic Starcruiser Like?

The Disney expectation for this themed hotel is to immerse guest into the story of Star Wars. You will arrive at the location who will transport you “in space” to the Starcruiser hotel ship called Halcyon for 2 nights. The transport system to Space is similar to the Space 220 Themed restaurant in Epcot. And once aboard you will be delighted to be greeted with only the best treatment. Until the story starts to unfold.

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This is not a relaxing type of hotel as some users have reviewed. This is because the story is so immersive that there is simply no time for relaxation, unless you want to of course. However, what is great is that even if you follow the story, there will be times to relax but not much.

The system of excursions is similar to excursions on a cruise ship. For example, the shows, entertainment, and such will take place during certain times, and is it up to you if you would like to choose what to go to.

Starwars Space Hotel

How Much is the Starcruiser Hotel?

Disney has different prices for the type of stateroom and the amount of people you book. Of course it you want the Starcruiser suit, it will cost more. The starting price for a 2 person 2 night stay at the Starcruiser Hotel is $4,800. This will basically include an all expense paid vacation aboard “the ship”. You will also get 1 day admission to ride the rides in the fast lane in Galaxy’s Edge Hollywood Studios. You will have all day to explore Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Pricing Tables

In addition, food and non alcoholic beverages are included. You also get to choose to have a meal at Hollywood studios. Valet parking and transportation to the park is included. Just be sure to keep updated as to when the first and last bus arrives to the parks. You will be given an exclusive Galactic MagicBand. Which will be called a DataBand onboard the cruiser. These might be worth the cost alone! Ok maybe not, but they are still neat to have.

Starwars cruiser assortment Food example

Lastly, rumors have it the Star Wars members at Hollywood Studios will gossip about how the fancy guest from the orbiting hotel are here. As you walk around, you might hear a couple things from the Star War characters walking around that relate to your immersive journey. Very cool experience. And is provided by the Imagineers and Cast Members at Disney.

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