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Realty Group Purchases 17 Acres of Land, Near Disney

It has come to public knowledge, Triton Realty Group along with Citrus Ridge Real Estate, recently purchased 17 acres of land 6 miles from Disney World.

Property realty group purchased 17acres of vacant land, 6 miles from Disney World, Florida.

The total purchase prices was at only $7 million. A pretty good deal, as land near Universal’s Epic Universe Theme Park, is going for about $1 million per acre. We think they might build apartments or a plaza.

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The group is heavily invested in creating affordable housing. Recent transactions showed a multi-room building be converted into apartments. Which is why we think they will end up building an apartment complex on this new recently acquired land.

Disney Theme park concept 50th anniversary.

Either case, it is a great investment as it is only 6 miles from Disney. It would be a great investment that can hold value, or they can build housing, then sell the land and building once it’s completed, for a calculated nice return.

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