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How To Use SwagBucks To Get Disney Merchandise

Are you looking for ways to earn a little extra cash before your Disney trip? If you have heard of Swagbucks, then you are in luck. Use Swagbucks to earn Visa Gift Cards to then be able to buy Disney products once at the Parks. You will have to activate the gift cards before you go, so make sure to do that. Here is how to get these free Swagbucks and then exchange them to buy Disney Gift Cards or Merchandise!

Earn Swagbucks Points for Gift Cards like Amazon or Visa.

Sign Up To SwagBucks And Earn A Bonus!

When you sign up using this exclusive link here, you will be able to earn a $10 bonus! You have to complete the required terms and conditions. But once you do you will get a free $10 worth of Swagbucks. And 1000 swagbucks are equal to $10. So be sure to save and invest these to keep the earnings coming! Usually you will need a minimum of 500 swagbucks to get Disney Merchandise ordered. As you can see below, we just ordered the $5 Visa Gift Card!

Use Swagbucks to get Disney Merchandise today!

Activate and Earn Points For Gift Cards

Once you have signed up using the link above, you will then need to check your email to confirm your account to start earning quickly. To be sure, check your spam folder. After you receive the link to confirm and activate your account you are ready to earn!

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Click the available surveys updated Daily. Or you can earn by searching, playing games, watching videos, and more! Check back at the Swagbucks website for the latest surveys and rewards.

Exchange SwagBucks For Disney Merchandise!

After you have saved a minimum of around 500 swagbucks, then you will be able to convert these into gift cards, for example, Amazon or Visa. Which means you can redeem for a Visa gift card and use that anywhere Visa is accepted! It is almost like cash as you can redeem and use this gift card at any location that uses Visa. Pretty cool and is why Swagbucks is currently the best GPT site out there. If you want free Disney Tickets you can save for about 6 months or so and you will probably have enough for a ticket.

Disney Shop website banner.

As Disney is likely to be able to accept your Gift Card. If not, then you can always use it for something else or use online. Almost 3 locations come to mind to get free Swagbucks Disney merchandise. And as long as the Disney store accepts Visa, then your Visa gift card should be able to used directly on the Disney Store Website.

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