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How To Get Free Disney Tickets

One of the best ways you can get free Disney tickets to theme parks is by completing tasks that can take a few minutes to an hour. Overtime, these small steps will guide you to the right direction of getting free theme park tickets. Most of the time, heading to Orlando and visiting a Time Share pitch can be a well invested time idea; however, if you would like to earn free Disney tickets in other ways, continue on reading.

Ride Guardians Galaxy Free at Disney World.

Get Free Disney Tickets From Swagbucks

Yes, this is a time oriented though it will quickly add up. Swagbucks lets you earn points in exchange for Visa Gift Cards. These then can be used to pay for Disney Theme Park Tickets. Including EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. This is because Disney accepts Visa gift cards on their website. So as you earn some Swag, you can also earn some free Disney to. Check it out, we have actually redeemed $5 so far!

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Special Offers And Discounts

Check out Daily Swagbucks deals and discounts to earn the most. Play games on your phone and complete surveys to maximize results. Be sure to see the requirements to earn the free reward. For example, you might have to reach level 40 in a game within 15 days to earn your free reward. Keep a lookout in your inbox for the latest ways to earn fast.

Get Free Disney World Celebration Tickets.

Buy Into Disney’s Golden Oak

If doing surveys and playing games or watching videos for rewards isn’t for you, maybe check out buying into Disney’s Golden Oak for free Disney theme park tickets annually. For about $3 million you can find a home for sale in Golden Oak and have the option to buy the Golden Oak Membership pass which will include 5 tickets each year! There are also way more other benefits and amenities provided by Golden Oak. And it’s reviewed to be a great place to live so it’s a win-win.

Disney Golden Oak Front Entrance

Disney Vacation Club For Free Disney Tickets

You can get Disney Vacation Club to help offset costs associated with traveling to Disney every year. For example, most contracts have a minimum points allotment amount. You use these points to book Hotels at Disney Riviera, Saratoga Springs, Boardwalk, and Polynesian Hotel. These are all close and nearby the theme parks and DVC capable.

Overtime, in theory, these contracts rise in value. And over the course of 20 years the value of the contract you got for holding on to it, outweighs the costs associated with vacationing to Disney every year. Plus with DVC, you get the merchandise discounts, exclusive member only lounge access, preferred annual theme park membership discounts, and events!

Disney Free Tickets from DVC

Visit Time Shares For Free Or Discounted Disney Tickets

One of the popular ways of getting free Disney and theme parks tickets was to visit a time share presentation and in exchange you get the tickets. Nowadays, more restrictions are in place as many people utilized these giveaways and it’s becoming a little more scarce. Though, you can find good presentations every now and then that give you free tickets for your time visiting the property and touring the time share units. This can be fun and exciting as you may never know, maybe it could be a good deal.

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Though, if you want you can decline at the end of the presentation and still get the free Disney tickets if you meet the requirements. So check those out before you go. Time Shares do not have a good reputation but at least in Orlando it is much more organized and professional and they have good ways of utilizing their time and your time to get free Disney Tickets. After you get your theme park tickets, head over to this link to see how you can score some free Disney Merchandise as well!

Do you have any tips or secrets to get free Disney tickets? Comment below and share!

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