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Fun With Disney’s H20 Glow After Hours

With all the excitement around Disney’s newest rides and attraction openings, there is one more to add. And that is Tickets for H20 Glow after hours at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon are now available for sale!

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After a long waited two year closure, the after hours h20 glow party is back! Take a look at the exciting night-scapes and music.

Disney glow party typhoon lagoon

Starting at 6pm, you can begin the fun sooner than later. Find the next best date to book a reservation. Tickets start at $75 for adults so it isn’t too much. The actual event starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm.

h20 glow party disney world

With character meets, DJ music, snacks, rides, short wait times, it is a time to be well spent. We will see you there!

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