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Disney’s Celebration Town, Causing Traffic Jams

If you live in the surrounding area of Celebration, then traffic is no stranger to you. Close to the land of Disney, Celebration is a town worth checking out. However, going down paths for pedestrians and bikes could be a better and faster solution for travelling around here. Celebration is a great place but it seems the local residents are saying it is not good for something else – cars.

Cars parks in Celebration Florida.

Rumor has it Walt Disney himself wanted to build a town that resembled his theme park visions. Michael Eisner eventually took the idea to life. And thus the town of Celebration was created. Including up-scale apartment and townhomes. Single family homes as well. Add the famous shops, dining, and entertainment, and you have a 5 star living experience. Just one problem, traffic.

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As the towns population recently increased, the increased tourism has helped increase the traffic jams even more. It mostly happens in the morning and when schools are getting out.

There’s not as much neighborhood kind of involvement or cohesiveness anymore,” he said. “If I can put it bluntly, the town is overrun by tourists … and by people in the surrounding area looking for something to do. As a consequence, the traffic is awful at the beginning of the day and when parents come to pick up their kids,” he said. “I don’t think they’ve figured out a way to deal with that.

Birds Eye View Celebration Florida Disney

Time will tell. Residents are already complaining and raising awareness. This could yield more lanes of traffic and widening of the the roads. Maybe local funding can be used to help research and solve this issue once and for all.

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