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Cruise & Fly For Less!

Choosing the best platform to purchase and plan your tickets is no simple task, usually. There may be a time where virtual assistants will handle day-to-day vacation and travel planning, but until then, there are only a few ways to gather the best deals. Relying on big websites seem to offer not much savings anymore. It comes down to strategy. Finding the best cruise book and flying guide can take ages, here are our top tips to fly and cruise for less!

Learn how to cruise and fly for less guide.
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Gather Your Destinations

First, gather your travel destinations so that you have a goal and route in mind. Along the way you can plan excursions, but it is great to pick your destinations and transportation setup first. One great secret to cruise tickets is that prices fluctuate like a wave.

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Finding the best price might be to wait or just call it a day and find a way to save somewhere else, like on excursions. For example, say you want to definitely take that cruise, it might be better to book it now than to wait. This is because there may be limited availability. Then try find savings whether on a food & beverage packages or excursions the cruise line offers direct.

Cruise destination at sunset.

Lastly, for excursions, it is almost in our opinion best to book them before than on the ship. Allowing full research into what adventures you will be going on soon!

Precruise And Preflight Checklist

After gathering your destinations, it is time to begin planning the trip. Items that can be carried on the ship and the plane should be noted. Check each airline policies along with the cruise line websites for specifics carry on allowed items. Once you have this list you will then be able to pack what you need.

Carnival Glory and Carnival Sunshine in Tropical Landscapes

Major Items to Bring

  1. Passport
  2. ID
  3. Cash
  4. Credit Card (debit not recommended)
  5. Vaccines
  6. Excursions
  7. Flight Passes
  8. Cruise Ship Boarding Passes
  9. Have Fun!

Keeping these items in mind will help make your trip much more magical. And if you would like more exclusive cruise savings guide and learn how to get more travel secrets like this, be sure to visit this site for more information.

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