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Coke’s Newest Flavor – Starlight

The newest release from Coca-Cola labeled Starlight will be released tomorrow 2/21/2022. Fans are anticipating a great new flavor launch.

From their website, they claim it will taste like a flavor mixed between a campfire and stars. Will it taste like a galaxy far far away like they claim? Try it soon.

Coca Cola Starlight flavor. Space red background

Rumors debate whether or not it will be sold in Disney Theme Parks. They already have the famous Coca-Cola bottles. They could add a great addition to their supplies with this newest Coke release.

Monica from comments

I got one at Bevmo this past Friday. Great taste! My son described it as tasting like a smore’s. Worth a try.

It seems like a decent product Coke is launching. Perfect match potentially for the Disney theme parks.

“Thirty-five years ago, Coca-Cola partnered with NASA to become one of the first soft-drinks to travel to space,” Vlad said. “That same passion for space still exists today. With Coca-Cola Starlight, we wanted to celebrate the remarkable ability of space exploration to inspire generations to discover new worlds of infinite possibilities. We set out to bring that concept to life through a simple sip, capturing some of the mystery and essence of what we love about space.”

Business Wire

Later this year, Coca-Cola plans to introduce more limited-edition Coca-Cola creations that feature unique innovations and eclectic collaborations.

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