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Busch Gardens Newest Attraction – Speculation Begins

We have a new teaser from the official Busch Gardens Instagram account. Which states, a picture with a couple beams and a cylinder like object. What could it be? Wrong Answers only Busch Gardens says. #NewThrillBGT

Speculators are speculating that what it could be is a ride so famous it makes the list as the best swing in the world. The swing would be around 89ft high without about 1:20 minute ride time. Based off of Finnegan’s Flyer™ a Screamin Swing – S&S Worldwide attraction.

The one located in Williamsburg, reaches a staggering height of more than 80 feet with a speed of 45 mph. Riders can take in beautiful views of the park while being thrilled on this captivating attraction. The dueling arms sway back-and-forth, the ground plummeting into view with each swing. Only the bravest will prevail says Busch Gardens.

Will you ride this upcoming attraction coming to Tampa Florida?

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