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All About Disney’s Golden Oak

When the announcement of Disney’s Golden Oak community took place in 2010, speculation wondered if it will be a success. Today, we see Disney Golden Oak, is not just a success, but a new luxury community you can buy in at if you have the cash. Even though prices start around $3 million, in exchange, your address will be located near the “Happiest place on Earth”, and you get some extra benefits and bonuses no one else can get.

Where is Golden Oak Located?

Centered around the theme parks of Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Golden Oak is a luxury gated community that provides everything you need to live that fairytale magical life. The headquarters address is 10501 Dream Tree Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836. You can call (407) 939-5577 and schedule an appointment when the next model home becomes available to buy, as right now they are all sold out!

Disney Golden Oak location orlando

What Is Living At Golden Oak Like?

Living at Disney’s Golden Oak is like no other. Upscale dining options and exclusive Character events with gated access makes this a great magical place to live. Golfing is included at discounted rates. The community of Golden Oak sits on about 930 acres of land. Which is about the size of Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios combined! Of course, private transportation to all Disney World theme parks and Disney Springs is included “free of charge”.

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The 7 Neighborhoods of Golden Oak

There are seven neighborhoods that make up the community of Golden Oak.

  • The Cottages
  • Symphony Grove
  • Kingswell
  • Carolwood
  • Kimball Trace
  • Marceline
  • Silverbrook
  • Four Seasons
Golden Oak Neighborhoods

The Four Seasons is the most expensive as there is included with every home purchase access to the Hotels finest dining options and access to the Four Seasons 5 pools!

Four Seasons 5 Pools Orlando

The Amenities of Golden Oak

Golden Oak amenities are top notch. You will find architecture and designs are gorgeous and Disney inspired. If you buy a home for sale in Golden Oak, you will be granted access to the Private Clubhouse. Which has the same scents on Main ST. USA. You will have the dining room options included and also be invited to the exclusive member events. You will get access to the fitness center, playground, and pool. If you live in the Four Seasons area, you get access to 5 more pools. On top of all that, you get exclusive Disney World Theme Park benefits.

Disney House in Golden Oak Orlando

Golden Oak Disney World Theme Park Benefits

Each guest of household will be given the option to buy a Disney World Golden Oak membership pass. The Golden Oak membership pass is essentially the best pass option available to all guests. It will include 5 additional Disney theme park tickets. This way your friends and family can join in on the fun!

In addition, Magic hour benefits will be granted. And lastly, the DVC member access lounges will be available to you and all Golden Oak residents to enjoy and relax at.

Four Seasons Water Park Orlando

How Much To Live At Golden Oak

Disney has done a great job implementing the current fee structure as follows. The HOA fee is $8,075 a year. With the average home price around $7.4 million. There is an additional fee of $18,998 to access the pool, clubhouse, and other amenities of Golden Oak. All together, the Golden Oak fees are around $27,000 a year. This does not include property taxes, which might be around an additional $22,000 a year.

Golden Oak Amenities

How Much Is It To Live At Four Seasons Golden Oak

To calculate the estimated cost to live in the Four Seasons Residences area in Golden Oak, we have to include the access fee of $17,178 a year. There is also a HOA fee of $8,075 and $18,998 for amenity access and around $22,000 for property taxes. All together the estimated costs to live in Four Seasons Golden Oak is $67,000 a year assuming your house is paid off in full. Four Seasons homes at Golden Oak start around $6 million.

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